How to Throw a Fall Picnic

Step 1

Invite a group of girlfriends who enjoy a day drink just as much as you!


Step 2

Gather the food. We got all of our goodies fresh from the St. Lawrence Market. I highly recommend visiting your city’s local farmer’s market to get the best seasonal products. Our picnic spread included charcuterie, fruit, cranberry tarts, olives, crackers and a variety of Canadian cheeses. I think my favourite was the pink buns! Food that requires no prep except placement on a board is the best for the picnic.

Fall Picnics.jpg

Step 3

The most important step – choose the wine! For daytime drinking at a picnic, I like to choose a lighter wine that will pair well with a variety of foods. For this fall picnic,  we enjoyed the VQA Pelee Island Pinot Noir Reserve. It’s a light red wine  with lovely flavours of cherry, plums and earthiness. Good value for $17.45 at the LCBO.

Fall Picnic

Step 4

Pick a spot at the park, assemble the bounty and enjoy your fall picnic!

Autumn Picnic.jpg

Cheers! – GDW

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