Wine Cocktail Recipe: The County Royale

For new years eve, we held a small party with friends at our home in Prince Edward County (more commonly referred to as “the County”). We decided it would be fun to do a cocktail competition with our guests. I had been thinking about this County Royale cocktail for a few months, so was super excited to enter it into the competition! My County Royale recipe is a local take on the French Kir Royale cocktail. The traditional Kir Royale recipe uses champagne and a splash of crème de cassis (a sweet black currant liqueur). A very easy cocktail! To make my County Royale, I replaced the French ingredients with alcohol local to the County. In place of Champagne, I used the Hinterland Whitecap Sparkling Wine – you can find this wine at select LCBO’s or shop the winery’s online store. And in place of the crème de cassis I used the Kinsip County Cassis – a black currant/brandy liqueur. The County Cassis can be purchased at the distillery or through their online shop. The County Royale is the perfect cocktail to serve as an aperitif or after dinner nightcap. Follow the simple instructions below to sip on this local wine cocktail!

County Royale Sparkling Wine Cocktail Recipe


1/2 ounce Kinsip County Cassis

4 ounce Hinterland Whitecap


Pour Hinterland Whitecap into a champagne flute. Top with the Kinsip County Cassis. Swirl slightly to mix ingredients and enjoy!


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