Wine of the Week: Lily Sparkling Rosé

When deciding what would be the first wine of the week in 2020, I thought, why not start off the year with something sparkly and pink! What better way to kick off the decade! So this week’s wine is on of my favourite Ontario pink bubblies, the Lily Sparkling Rosé. The Lily Sparkling Rosé is made by Colio Estate Winery located in Harrow Ontario, which is part of EPIC wine country (Lake Erie North Shore/Essex County). It is the prettiest pink colour with delicate bubbles and lovely mousse (foam that forms after pouring). But don’t let that pretty pink colour fool you, this is not a sweet wine! The Lily Sparkling Rosé is a dry bubbly made in the Charmat method from Riesling and Cabernet Franc grapes. The taste is best described as strawberry shortcake – cake topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I love serving the Lily Sparkling Rosé as an aperitif or pairing with desserts. Pick up a bottle of the Lily Sparkling Rosé at the LCBO for $17.95. Cheers to a sparkly pink year ahead!

Lily Sparkling Rose Wine Review




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