My Rosé All Holiday Wine Tasting Event

Pink Christmas Party Rose all Holiday

I kicked off the holiday season with my annual Rosé All Holiday wine tasting event. At this year’s event, there were over ten different rosés featured! After an evening filled with lots of rosé tasting, I think it became very clear to everyone that drinking pink is not just for summer! Rosé wines are the perfect accompaniment to the holiday season – from family dinners to cocktail parties and gifting. I love to Rosé all Holiday and hope I can convince you to love it too!

Rose All Holiday WIne Tasting Event Pink Christmas PartyRH4

Guests were greeted with a welcome drink – a cute can of the Girls’ Night Out Rosé. I loved my welcome drink last year, the Rosé Gin Christmas Cocktail, but with more guests attending this year I needed something a bit more convenient and easy to prepare. Ready-made drinks, like the Girls’ Night Out canned Rosés, are perfect for a big parties! I added a cute pink straw with silver bow to give the drink some extra festiveness.

Rose all Day Wine Tasting Event Pink christmas party

We then started the tasting at the bubbly table, which featured four Ontario sparkling Rosés. We tried the G. Marquis Silver Line Sparkling Ice Rosé, Fresh Sparkling Rosé, Featherstone Joy Cuvée Sparkling Rosé and the Henry Of Pelham Cuvée Catharine Rosé BrutEveryone was bubbling with excitement over all these delicious sparkling wines! Each of the bubblies were dry wines with lots of beautiful flavours. I thought the bubbly table went over well, but then we moved onto the other Rosés…

Bubbly Table Pink Christmas PartyRH9RH10RH11RH12

We were lucky enough to have six different Rosés to taste! Around the tasting table was the Featherstone Rosé, EastDell Rosé, Pelee Island Lola Cabernet Franc Rosé, Trius Rosé, Stratus Wildass Rosé and the Malivoire Vivant Rosé. All are dry wines that each bring their own unique characteristics to the holiday season. I love the Featherstone Rosé for Christmas dinner, the Malivoire Vivant Rosé for gifting and the Status Wildass Rosé for holiday parties. Everyone definitely went home with at least a few new favourite Rosés!

Pink Christmas Party Rose all HolidayRH13RH14RH15RH16RH17RH18

In addition to the wine, I put out all of my favourite holiday appetizers to munch on. There were a variety of foods, all of which paired great with the different Rosés. A lot of people often don’t realize that Rosé wines are the perfect companion to a range of foods!

RH3Rose All Holiday Christmas Party Food

Rosé’ing all holiday night long did unfortuantely have to come to an end. Each guest went home with a festive gift bag filled with lots of pink treats! I gifted everyone with a can of the Girls’ Night Out Rosé, a pink prosecco truffle and rose coloured lip gloss. In addition to a little gift, I definitely think that everyone left the Rosé All Holiday wine tasting event with at least a few new favourite Rosés!

Rose all Holiday Party Gift






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