Wine of the Week: The Grange of Prince Edward Almanac Red

wine review - the grange of prince edward alamac red - summer red wine

I know that most people steer away from red wine in the summer, but a light-bodied red slightly chilled can be so refreshing! The Almanac Red by the Grange of Prince Edward has been in my weekend wine rotation all summer long. This wine combines all of my favourite Ontario red wine grapes – Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Gamay. And like all of the Grange of Prince Edward wines, the Almanac Red is made from 100% estate grown grapes that really represent the County terroir. The Almanac Red is a light-bodied red wine with flavours of cherry, cranberry and plum and a hint of smokiness and spice on the finish. And trust me on this one, it is best enjoyed this summer slightly chilled!  You can enjoy the Almanac Red with almost any food, from cheese and charcuterie plates to meats and pizza. I will be enjoying the Grange of Prince Edward Almanac Red the rest of the summer!

Wine of the Week - the grange of prince edward almanac red vqa - ontario wine


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