The Best Rosé Ciders for Summer

If I’m not drinking wine, you can usually find me enjoying a cider. So I was super excited to see all the new rosé ciders on the shelves this summer! You all know how much a love a pink drink! Now, I’m not going to lie, I definitely thought that rosé cider was cider with rosé wine in it….apparently not the case. Similar to how rosé wine get’s it’s pink hue from the skins of red grapes, most rosé cider gets it’s rosey colour from the skins of red apples. All the great crisp taste of regular cider but with a lovely pink blush! With a low alcohol, I find that rosé cider is the perfect option for weekend day drinking at the beach, park or patio. And the following 4 rosé ciders are what I think are the best rosé ciders for this summer.

Angry Orchard Rosé Cider



Forbidden Pink Cider


No Boats on Sunday Cranberry Rose Cider


Brickworks Ciderhouse Rosé Cider


So there you have it…the best rosé ciders for summer! I definitely think you’re going to enjoy these pink drinks just as much as me. And if you want to explore these ciders and more, make sure to check out the Toronto Cider Festival on August 23-24th.




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