Wine of the Week: Harwood North Beach ‘Mermaid’ Sparkling Rosé 2018

County rumour has it that there are mermaids in the North Shore of Lake Ontario. I can’t say that I’ve spotted any mermaids in the lake, but mermaids have certainly been seen a lot on my wine bottles this summer! This week’s wine pick is the Harwood Estate Vineyards North Beach Mermaid Sparking Rosé. I have been going through bottles of this Rosé all season! The North Beach Mermaid Sparkling Rosé is the perfect summer supper for special celebrations, hanging out at the beach or as an accompaniment to dinner.  It’s a dry sparkling wine made from Pinot Gris, Riesling, La Crescent and a splash of Merlot. The lovely pink bubbles provide flavours of fresh field berries, bright citrus and sweet peaches. I’ve paired the North Beach Mermaid Sparking Rosé with everything from cheese boards, BBQ, crudités platters, lunch salads and dessert. And can we also talk about the beautiful bottle? It’s a new label design this year and I LOVE IT. The North Beach Mermaid Sparkling Rosé can be purchased directly at the winery or online for $20.00. Mermaids in the North Shore might be rumour, but mermaids on my lakeside deck have been hanging out all summer!

Wine of the Week - Harwood North Beach Mermaid Sparkling Rose - Ontario Wine


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