Huff Estates Winery

I recently visited Huff Estates Winery in Prince Edward County and I can’t believe I had never been before! It was seriously one of the best winery visits I’ve ever had. Huff Estates Winery has a beautiful tasting room with informative staff; a delicious restaurant with a patio overlooking the vineyards; and a well curated art gallery and sculpture garden. You can truly spend the most enjoyable day at Huff Estates…and that’s exactly what my mom and I did a couple weeks ago!


My mom and I started our day at Huff Estates Winery with a glass of pink bubbly – the best way to start any winery visit! We received an informative tour of the barrel room and production facilities, and learned a lot about the winery that I didn’t know. Having opened in 2004 and being one of the oldest and biggest wineries in Prince Edward County, I had always just assumed that it was corporately owned. I was way off! Huff Estates Winery was started, and still owned, by Lanny and Catharine Huff who were born and raised in the Prince Edward County. They are frequent visitors at the winery – we actually saw them enjoying lunch during our visit. I love how in Prince Edward County you often see the winery owners, and Huff Estates Winery was no exception!



After our tour of the winery, my mom and I enjoyed the most delicious tasting and lunch on the beautiful patio overlooking the vineyards. We easily spent 2.5 hours here enjoying our wine and food! I tasted the Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – all so good. And then my mom and I split a bottle of the newly released 2018 Rosé with our lunch. It was the perfect patio sipper! We started off our lunch with a charcuterie board and  pretzel that came with a wine dipping sauce. I was impressed already! For our mains, my mom had a mushroom soup with salad and I had the winemakers pizza. All the food is made with local ingredients and was SO GOOD! I seriously cannot wait to go back to the Huff Estates restaurant.




We ended our day at Huff Estates Winery with a visit to the Oeno gallery and sculpture garden. The gallery opened in 2004 and features internationally recognized Canadian artists. The staff were so friendly and pointed us to a very interesting jewelry exhibit they were featuring. The 4 acre sculpture garden is located behind the gallery and is a MUST SEE! It was so much fun to walk along the paths through the garden to view the impressive installations. The Oeno gallery and sculpture garden was the perfect way to end our visit at Huff Estates.




As you can probably tell, a visit to the Huff Estates Winery is definitely more of an experience! It’s a unique destination in Prince Edward County that goes beyond the exceptional wines. I cannot recommend visiting Huff Estates Winery enough! The winery is open daily from 10am to 6pm. You can get information about the restaurant and special events here. Tours and tastings are offered daily, with group and private experiences available. For an enhanced tasting, you can use code COURTNEY50 to get 50% off. There is lots to taste and do at Huff Estates Winery so make sure to plan a few hours to enjoy your experience!


Sponsored by Huff Estates. All opinions stated are my own.


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