Friday Favourites: Cinco de Mayo

Friday Favourites - Cinoco de Mayo

What is there not to like about Cinco de Mayo? Whether you’re hosting a party, celebrating with a cocktail or going out for tacos – there’s something for everyone! With Cinco de Mayo coming up this weekend, there have  been lots of posts swirling around the past few days. Click below for my favourites!

Fraîche Table: Cinco de Mayo

Not only does Fraiche provide us with the most tasteful Cinco de Mayo decor ideas, but also gives us a menu, work-back schedule and grocery list.

Sparkling Margarita

I’m not a huge fan of hard liquor, so I created a sparkling wine margarita recipe sans the tequila!

Your Cinco de Mayo Should Start With These Mexican Baked Eggs

I love the idea of starting the Cinco de Mayo party early with a festive brunch!

4 Easy Tequila (and Mezcal!) Cocktails, No Margarita Mix in Sight

No need to worry about the weird margarita mix package with these simple tequila and mezcal cocktail recipes!

The Best Mexican Restaurants in Toronto

This year I don’t think I’ll be cooking or mixing drinks, but instead heading out to one of Toronto’s many great Mexican restaurants.


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