Scary Movie Night

Happy HalloWINE! One of the most popular activities tonight is watching scary movies. I’ll be out at the Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast show, but most people will be enjoying their scary movie from the couch. I love those cozy fall nights in, and October 31st is the best time to do it. Over the past month I’ve hosted quite a few scary movie nights and I want to share my top tips with you.

Scary Movie Night


Created a cozy spooky ambiance is so key! I love setting up the couch with comfy pillows and blankets. I turn the lights low and put out lots of fall candles – my favourite is Leaves by Bath and Body Works. And if you can, a little Halloween décor, like skulls or pumpkins, adds some extra spookiness.  goes a long way!


Especially for a Halloween scary movie night, you have to have some popcorn and candy. I really enjoy all the Halloween themed candy by Squish, but all the mini candies and chocolate bars will likely be on sale today! To see what candy and wines pair best, check out my post here. If you want to have a bit more food, a Halloween cheeseboard is a great idea.


I do love bubbly with my popcorn, but there are lots of drink options for a scary movie night. If you’re looking for some scary labelled wines, check out my post about the best Halloween wines. Or if you’d rather drink beer, I’ve listed my favourite pumpkin beers here. A Halloween sangria would also be great for a scary movie night.


And then, of course, you have to pick the movie. If you’re not into super scary movies, then Hocus Pocus is always a great option. For the classic horror lovers, the Halloween movies are for you – and there’s a new one out right now that I really enjoyed. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more creepy, The Witch will leave you spooked.

Scary Movie Night Food

I hope you enjoy your Halloween night!


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