Wine Your Way Through PEC: Black Prince Winery

I’ve been to Prince Edward County (PEC) several times, but I had never visited Black Prince Winery until my last trip this past July. I don’t know how I hadn’t visited before! Black Prince is one of the oldest wineries in PEC and produces award winning wines. On the Black Prince property is the Tasting House, a make-your-own-wine facility, the Canadian Vinegar Cellars, the Barrel House and a wood fired oven serving pizza on the weekends. The property also features a restored century barn that can be used for events. A visit to the Black Prince Winery is quite the experience!

Canadian Cellars

Black Prince Winery has been producing PEC wines for 15 years. They were the first to use local county oak barrels and the only winery in the county producing apera (fortified wine) in Sherry casks over 100 years old. The Black Prince tasting room offers a wide selection of wines including Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and blends. They even offer some hemp wines! I did a tasting of their red wines and loved the Baco Noir.

Black Prince Barrel House

While the wines at Black Prince are delicious, my favourite part about the winery is the Barrel House out the back. The Barrel House is home to the Canadian Vinegar Cellars who use Black Prince grapes to produce different types of vinegars. There are daily tastings offered on the main floor of the Barrel House, but the best part is one level up. The second floor of the Barrel House is one spooky scene! An eerie atmosphere looms under the antique chandelier, around the old large table set up with empty wine glasses and in the corner nooks. And there is real mystery up there…

Black Prince Wine

Black Prince PEC

The real mystery in the Barrel House lies with the large antique chandelier hanging in the window. Years ago, the owner of Black Prince Winery bought it for $15 at an auction in PEC. No one wanted it and the seller was happy to take the only offer. When the owner of Black Prince brought it back to the winery, he noticed a bunch of insignias on the chandelier. He did a little research and found out that there seemed to be a connection to Napoleon Bonaparte. A couple years ago, a professor from UBC visited the winery and was intrigued by the chandelier. The professor asked if he could do some further research and discovered that the chandelier is worth over $300,000 and dates back to 1678. How did a 17th century chandelier end up in PEC? Why did nobody want it? Could it be the cause of the eerie Barrel House presence?

Black Prince Winery Chandelier

Black Prince

You will have to see for yourself! Next time you’re in PEC take visit to Black Prince Winery to enjoy their great wines and vinegars, but do not miss out on the second floor of the Barrel House. I hear that you can now enjoy the wood fired pizza up there. I’m sure it’s extra spooky this time of year! Don’t miss out on the unique experience, and the mystery, that Black Prince Winery offers.

Black Prince Winery Barn




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