Halloween Cheese Board

As you probably know by now, I love a good cheese board! And I’ll take any excuse to switch up the theme. Halloween being one of the best cheeseboard themes, I thought I would share my favourite items to include. I try to pick foods that have a purple colour to give the board a dark witchy vibe.

Halloween Cheeseboard


There are so many great Halloweeny cheeses to choose from! For this board I included a cranberry goat cheese, port wine cheddar and black rock blue cheese. That rock looking item you see in the corner of the board is actually a really nice creamy blue cheese inside the rind.


Meats are pretty simple, as most have purple-like colour to them. I added genoa salami, Hungarian salami and my favourite port wine salami from Irresistibles at Metro. If you haven’t tried this port wine salami yet, I highly recommend picking one up!


This time of year, there a lots of purple fruits in season to choose from like plums, figs or concord grapes. But this year, I discovered a grape I have never heard of before called Moon Drops. They taste like a regular purple grape but because of their finger like shape, Moon Drops are also known as Witch Fingers. Can’t get more perfect than that!


My favourite type of olive is Castelvetrano, which are large green olives with a mild taste a buttery texture. I was happy to see that there was a purple version available at the market and picked these to include on the Halloween cheese board.


During the fall I really don’t eat any other cracker but pumpkin seed crackers. Most major grocery stores will carry different specialty cracker brands that make a version of a pumpkin seed cracker. The ones on this board are by the Metro’s Irresistible brand and include cranberry’s which added the extra touch of purple to carry through the theme.


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