Beer Dip

I clearly love wine, but this beer dip is so good! It’s one of my favourite easy appetizers to make and always a crowd pleaser. It’s great for girls night in, holiday parties or those Sunday sports events. Using higher quality cheddar here really does make a difference. And there is no other option by pretzel crackers for your dipper! For the beer I honestly use whatever’s in my fridge, but I find that a light crisp style works best like a lager or ale. Follow the instructions below for my super easy, and always well received, beer dip.


2 cups cream cheese

2 cups old cheddar shredded

2 garlic cloves chopped

1/4 cup of beer

Pretzel crackers for dipping


Combine cream cheese, cheddar, garlic and beer. Serve in a cute bowl with pretzel crackers for dipping and enjoy!


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