Oktoberfest for the Wino

If you’re not familiar with Oktoberfest, it’s the world’s largest beer festival held annually since 1810 in Munich, Germany. Every fall people gather together in Germany, or Kitchener-Waterloo in Canada, to celebrate all things German and beer. So what does one do if they don’t like beer? You celebrate all things German and WINE! Oktoberfest for the wino is quite simple – a large platter of German meats, dips and pretzels accompanied by Riesling and Gewürztraminer. Read on for my preferred wino ways to celebrate Oktoberfest…

Oktoberfest Food

The Food

I love making a German snack board! Especially in the fall. The foods are warming and comforting on those chilly autumn nights. On my German snack board I include:

2 German meats (sausage or salami) 

2 pickles (dill and gherkin)

2 pretzels (soft and cracker – this time I used pretzel buns for the soft)

3 Dijon mustards (on the platter I had regular Dijon, Provencal, and honey)

Beer dip (recipe coming to the blog next week)

Fall fruit (apples, pears or concord grapes)


The Wine 

Instead of beer for Oktoberfest, try drinking German wines like Riesling and Gewürztraminer. With our cool wine growing climate here in Ontario, we actually make these German varietals very well. Fourth generation wine-maker, Herbert Konzelmann, recognized this and moved his families wine roots to Canada in 1984. Konzelmann’ s lakefront Niagara winery became a great spot to grow these aromatic German wines. The Konzelmann 2016 Late Harvest Gewurztraminer and the 2017 Riesling are the perfect wines to drink if you want to celebrate German culture, but not with the Oktoberfest beer. Read my full review of these wines here

German Wines

Happy Oktoberfest to all the wino’s out there!

Oktoberfest Party



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