Wine of the Week: First Press Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s officially the first week of fall and temperatures have started to drop. With sweater weather upon us, this usually brings the switch to red wine. We all start to crave those bigger, rounder and warmer wines. And that’s exactly what the First Press Cabernet Sauvignon is. From Napa Valley, it’s your quintessential California Cab but with some special added falvours that make it great.

First Press Red Wine

I first tried First Press several years ago when everyone was drinking J. Lohr and I was looking for an alternative. That’s when I discovered First Press and I’ve been drinking that alternative ever since! Now an ‘always available’ wine in the LCBO vintages, I highly recommend trying the First Press Cabernet Sauvignon…especially if you’re in that cozy sweater weather mode. It’s a full-bodied red wine with smooth and rich flavours of dark fruit, chocolate, wood, vanilla and cloves. Does it get any cozier? The presence of tannins and acidity balance out these intense flavours and make it an enjoyable wine to drink alone or with food. Available at the LCBO for $27.95.


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