Fall Harvest Cheese Board

I find myself making lots of cheeseboards during the fall season. All of the harvest goodies available create a platter of my favourite flavours. Plus, we tend to start having more gatherings at home in the fall, where a cheeseboard is always the perfect type of food to have out for guests.

Fall Cheeseboard

For this fall harvest cheeseboard, I chose three types of cheeses ranging from soft to hard – goat cheese, cranberry lancashire and smoked applewood cheddar. My number one rule for a fall harvest cheeseboard is that it MUST include smoked applewood cheddar! Next, I chose three types of cured meat – hungarian, soppressata and pepper salami. And then the best part of creating a fall harvest cheeseboard….choosing the accompaniments. My number two rule is that my fall cheeseboard MUST include pumpkin seed crackers. I love the Raincoast (available at most grocery stores) pumpkin spice crackers or the Irrisistibles (Metro brand) cranberry pumpkin crackers. There are so many fruit options in the fall to choose from. I switch from apples, pears, figs or whatever else looks fresh at the market. For this cheeseboard, I chose concord and champagne grapes which are only in season for a bit longer. When it comes to olives there is no decision for me, Bella di Cerignola are the best. Big, meaty and come in a variety of colours like this lovely soft red. I used pecans as my nut but walnuts,  hazelnuts or pumpkin seeds would also work really well. And finally, I found a crabapple cinnamon chutney by Provisions Food Company that tasted amazing with the goat cheese.

This fall harvest cheeseboard can be put together ahead of time before guests arrive. Then when your friends come over, all you have to worry about is opening the wine! Pairing wine and cheese can be tricky, so I say just drink what you like. If you’re looking for some new wines to try, check out my favourite red wines for under $11 or rosés for fall. Enjoy the fall harvest with this cheeseboard, wine and friends!


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