Back to Wine School

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”. This is one of my favourites quotes and always rings true for me in September. Fresh haircut, updated wardrobe and learning something new. While my university days are over, I still love going back to school in the fall. Back to wine school, that is. This year I’m so excited to be starting the WEST level 2. If you’re also looking to learn more about wine this fall, there are lots of different classes available in Toronto. From industry level courses to beginner classes, you can also be going back to wine school.


When it comes to beginner wine classes in Toronto, the iYellow Wine Club is by far the best. With a free membership, you have access to lots of classes, events and tours. The founder, Angela Aeillo, and her team provide an easy going fun approach to learning about wine. You will leave a class having had many laughs and gaining lots of valuable knowledge. Check out the iYellow wine school calendar for upcoming classes and events.

The LCBO also offers wine classes that range from beginner French to wine and cheese pairings. For a daily tasting room, weekly events and personalize tastings the Wine Shops new store The Wine Shop on Bay is great. And if you’re interested in learning more about natural wine, look no further than the Grape Witches.


If you’re looking for industry level wine learning, the best course to take is WSET (Wine Spirit and Education Trust). The WSET is a UK-based organization and the most globally  recognized wine certification program. There are four levels, starting with a 6-week course and ending at the fourth level with a 16-month diploma program. For those looking to improve their wine knowledge, this is the course for you! I took level 1 last year and have been waiting anxiously to start level 2. There are several providers of the WSET courses in Toronto. I took level 1 through Fine Vintages and will be taking level 2 through the Independent Wine Education Guilde (IWEG).  Other providers are George Brown College and Adventure in Wine.

For service oriented classes, you will want to check out providers that help students gain their sommelier certification. In Toronto these schools include the Sommelier Factory,  International Sommelier Guild and Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers.



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