My Favourite Ways to Detox

After the labour day long weekend, I am always in need of a little detox! The summer months are filled by parties, wine and a break from our routines. Come September, I’m certainly in need of a little detox…even if it’s just for day. Bring on all the lemon water, smoothies and sweaty yoga sessions! If you’re also in need of a cleanse after a summer of wining, read below for my favourite ways to detox.


I love making a big pot of the Oh She Glows Metabolism-Boosting Green Citrus Tea. The recipe is available in the Oh She Glows cookbook on page 73 and combines green tea with grapefruit, lemon and cayenne pepper. A similar one that I like, with even more detoxifying ingredients, is the Hot Detox Tonic Tea.


There’s nothing better to heal mind, body and soul that a Bikram yoga class. Bikram yoga is typically practiced for at least 60 minutes in a 40 degree heated room. If you live in Toronto, I love the classes at Be Hot Yoga. After an hour hot yoga class, you’ll really feel like you’ve sweat out all the toxins!


The perfect detox lunch is Lauren Conrad’s Alkalizing Spinach Salad. This salad is packed with powerful antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. Most superfood salads contain too many ingredients and are time consuming to make, but not this one! The Alkalizing spinach salad is super easy to put together and will have you feeling good all afternoon.


My body and mind feel so good after a day of water therapies. In Toronto, the Body Blitz Spa offers a therapeutic water cycle of dead sea salt pool, infrared sauna, Epsom salt pool, eucalyptus steam room and cold plunge pool. Hydrotherapy has so many health benefits and is relaxing, energizing and healing all in one. 


Even when I’m not detoxing, I have the Camille Styles’ Peach, Kale and Coconut Smoothie almost every day. Over the years I’ve added some additions to make this smoothie even healthier. Along with the base ingredients, I add celery, hemp hearts and bee pollen. Super healthy and delicious, you’ll probably find yourself adding this one to your daily routine as well.


When my skin’s in need of a boost I head straight to Blitz Facial Bar. All of their treatments will leave your skin feeling great, but my go-to is The Works which combines your traditional facial with added microdermabrasion. If this isn’t enough, Blitz Facial Bar also offers booster masks to enhance your facial.  You will leave glowing and looking like you just finished a 3-day detox!


My go-to detox soup also comes from Lauren Conrad. The Cleansing Vegie Soup cuts right to the chase with cabbage, garlic and apple cider vinegar. It’s really light and the ingredients will help to flush out all those toxins. This soup is easy to make and you can cook a large batch and freeze it for those emergency detox days!

Even the girl who drinks wine needs a break sometimes! Just adding one of my favourite ways to detox into your day will make you feel energized and ready to wine again in no time. I hope this helps and we’re cheers’ing shortly!






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