Best Wines for the Beach

Summer just doesn’t feel complete without at least one beach day. But for the wine lover, beach days can be a bit tricky. You obviously want to bring wine to the beach, but can’t have anything too heavy, breakable or hard to open. That counts out all glass wine bottles, which doesn’t leave you with many options! But fear not, as a beach and wine lover I have experimented with all the tetra paks and canned wine out there. I have three favourites that taste great and are perfect for the beach day.

Ciao Wine

Tetra-Paks – Ciao Sangiovese

While some are critical of carton wine packaging, I think tetra-paks are great for certain wines and certain times! And the beach is one of those times that the light weight and durability of cardboard wine boxes is very welcome. The Ciao Sangiovese is light bodied, dry and fruity and tastes even better a bit chilled. Throw this carton into your cooler and enjoy the perfect chilled red wine at the beach. Plus it’s organic, 1000ml and only $12.80 at the LCBO.

Outset Wine

Cans – Outset Sparkling Wine

Beer or cider are most people’s first choice for the beach because they come in convenient can packaging. It wasn’t until recently that wine started to become available in cans. But, unfortunately, not all of this canned wine is good. I’ve tried quite a few and my favourite, by far, is the Outset Sparkling Wine by Between The Lines Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Crack open that chilled can, throw in a straw and enjoy the crisp, light and fruity sparkling wine while catching some sun at the beach!

Electric Rose

Pouches – Electric Rosé

Electric Rosé is the first wine I’ve ever seen or tried in a pouch. These adult Capri Suns are the ultimate convenience for the beach! I was a bit skeptical about how they would taste, but I was pleasantly surprised. Inspired by Rosé from the south of France, the Electric Rosé is dry and crisp with a strong acidity. Refreshing flavours of juicy raspberry are welcome on a hot day at the beach! Get these $3.80 pouches at the LCBO while they last.

Beach Wine.jpg

With about a month left of nice weather in Toronto, you still have time left for a few beach days. And no sacrifice has to be made for the wine lover with these three recommendations! So grab your tetra-paks, cans and pouches and enjoy the wine life at the beach.

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