How to Rosé All Day

Sure, it sounds pretty simple to Rosé all Day.  Who needs a ‘how to’ on drinking wine for a day? Well, have you spent an entire day drinking Rosé? Not only does one typically want to pass out by 3pm, but it can also cost a lot of money. And while I LOVE Rosé, it can get kind of boring drinking the same. thing. all. day. But not to worry, I have a plan. With my ‘how to’ guide you will not be taking an afternoon siesta, breaking the bank or tiring of your drink. Follow my 6 steps to successfully Rosé all Day!

How to Rosé all Day


Step 1: Start with Frosé

Have you tried making Frosé? It’s the perfect way to get your Rosé all Day party started! It’s basically a breakfast smoothie, right? Most Frosé recipes are pretty standard – freeze the rosé overnight and blend with red berries and simple syrup. But my Frosé recipe is even easier! And I’ve added a fun tropical twist by using coconut water and agave. Find my Frosé recipe here and start your day right!

Frosé Recipe


Step 2: Make Rosé Spritzers

Rosé spritzers are your friend! I remember being in my young 20’s and an “older” woman telling me about how great wine spritzers are because you don’t have to drink as much wine. I did not understand at the time. Why would I want to drink less wine? Well, when you’re going to Rosé all Day it’s helpful to stretch out the wine intake. And a Wine Spritzer is a great way to do that. Check out my recipe for Wine Spritzers here.



Step 3: Find Rosé bottles under $10

How many glasses of wine you consume in an hour? Even if it’s only one glass an hour, to Rosé all Day takes several hours. Lets just say, you’re probably going to need more than one bottle of wine. For full Rosé days it’s great to find bottles under $10 that you enjoy. The good thing is that there are actually quite a few out there! My absolute favourite Rosé under $10 is the JP Azeitão Shiraz Rosé, which you can find this wine at the LCBO for $9.25.

JP Rose.jpg

Step 4: Combine Rosé and food

Sorbet is food, right? If we can agree on that than my Rosé Sorbet recipe is the best way to combine Rosé and food. Even if this recipe is not giving you any nutritious sustenance,  it’s at least changing up the way you consume your Rosé for the day! And it’s switching it up in the best way possible. It’s one of those recipes that gets better as it sits – and in this case that means a conclusion of delicious pink frothiness. You can find my Rosé Sorbet recipe here.

rosé icecream

Step 5: Buy Rosé magnums

Wine magnums are typically great value. And when you’re going to Rosé all Day you’re going to need good value! My favourite Rosé magnum is the Jackson-Triggs Rosé, which you can find at the Wine Rack $18.95 (on sale right now for $16.95!). I really like to use this magnum as a mix for Spritzers, Rosé Sorbet, Frosé or Sangria. Because it’s more medium-bodied and on the sweeter side, it’s Rosé flavours really hold up against whatever you’re mixing it with.


Step 6: Mix up your Rosé in a Sangria

I will admit that I typically do not like sangria. But Rosé makes everything better, right?! Plus, when you’re going to Rosé all Day it is beneficial to have some sort of wine cocktail that will dilute the alcohol percentage a bit! I actually really enjoy my Rosé Sangria recipe  which only uses a couple ingredients and is super simple to make. I suggest making up a big batch for that Rosé all Day late afternoon stretch.

Rose Sangria



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