Rosé Spritzer

I love a wine spritzer, especially a rosé spritzer! What’s better than a refreshing pink drink by the pool on a hot summer day? But when you’re going to rosé all day, it’s smart to stretch out your wine so that you’re not a magnum in by 3pm! A spritzer is a great way to do this. Plus, rosé spritzers taste great and are super easy to make. I like to use lower priced wines for spritzers, as you’re not going to be fully appreciating the wine after mixing it. For a rosé spritzer I find it best to pick a sweeter wine with a deep pink colour. The 1500ml Jackson-Triggs Rosé meets all of these requirements. Follow my 3-ingredient rosé spritzer recipe below and you’ll be able to happily rosé all day!

Wine Spritzer


Bottle of rosé (I used the Jackson-Triggs 1500ml bottle)

Sparkling water

Frozen raspberries


Pour 4oz of wine into a wine glass

Add 4 oz of sparkling water

Top with frozen raspberries

Rose Wine.jpg




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