Wine’s to Stock up on for the Holidays

It’s officially the holiday season!

And that means a lot of festive gatherings. You never know who’s going to be stopping by for some holiday cheer. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to stock up on wine now. Trust me, no one will be disappointed you have a conveniently chilled bottle of bubbly sitting in the fridge!

Three types of wine to have on hand – a red, a white and a bubbly. You will be the ultimate host if you can offer your guests their preferred drink of choice. For your red lovers, a blend will be best to appeal to all tastes. A pinot gris will more than satisfy your white drinkers. And no one will say no to some sparkling pink wine.

No big decisions to be made – with the following three wine recommendations you will be ready for any guest! These selections are all Ontario local and available at the LCBO for under $20.00.


The red. We all have our friends that will only drink red. But there are so many varietals! Play it safe with a blended red wine. The Almanac Red by The Grange of Prince Edward is 60% Cabernet Franc, 30% Gamay and 10% Pinot Noir. With this mixture you’ll appease all red tastes. The Almanac Red is medium bodied and has a lot of character. There are juicy tastes of red fruit with a strong acidic structure and tart end note. Impress your guests by commenting on how this wine reflects the local character of Prince Edward County.  Because of the blend, this wine is very versatile and will pair well with almost anything you have out.

P.S. The Grange of Prince Edward winery in Prince Edward County is amazing! The tasting room is a beautifully refurbished barn that offers picnic baskets to enjoy among the vines (or beside the stone fireplace in the colder months).


The white. Your white wine drinkers can be as versatile of your reds. Sweet, dry, aromatic…how do you choose? A Pinot Gris does the trick. This type of wine is typically medium bodied and off-dry with some fruity notes and character.  The Angel’s Gate  is a great example of a Pinot Gris. I really enjoyed this wine! It is unoaked which means that the wine really reflects the local terroir (where the grapes are grown) – tastes of green apple and citrus with some acidity, yet a softness that it so enjoyable. This is another great food wine; you don’t have to worry about what to pair it with.

P.S. take this one out of the fridge for a few minutes before enjoying.


The bubbly. It’s hard to think of someone that wouldn’t accept a glass of bubbly! But still, picking a sparkling wine that that has wide appealing characteristics is ideal when you’re stocking up for guests. The Lily Sparkling Rosé is a dry bubbly with tastes of tart strawberry and the most lovely creamy finish.  From shrimp cocktails to Christmas cookies, this wine will partner well with all. Serve the Lily Rose right from the fridge at a cold temp.

P.S. the Lily Rosé is the prettiest pink colour and bottle!


As you prepare for the holiday season, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have some extra wine on hand. I guarantee these selections will make for some memorable evenings!


Cheers! – GDW



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